Engage in the art of war by mastering the blade, bow, and mystical arts in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Unleash Your Creative Combat Style

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, the diverse vocations empower you to tailor your combat approach to suit your preferences. However, the adventure doesn’t end there. Prepare to navigate through a world filled with diverse terrains and encounter a plethora of foes, from hordes on suspension bridges to colossal monsters on precarious ledges.


The diverse vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2 offer a range of playstyles and abilities, allowing players to customize their combat approach based on their preferences.



dragons dogma 2 mobile fighter

Master the art of close-quarters combat with the Fighter vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Unleash Devastating Strikes and Shielded Defense Fighters in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are formidable warriors skilled in the art of melee combat. With expert proficiency in wielding swords and shields, they excel at slicing through enemy ranks with precision and delivering powerful blows that can turn the tide of battle.

Their mastery extends beyond offense, as they adeptly use their shields to not only protect themselves but also shield their allies from harm, showcasing a blend of offensive prowess and defensive finesse that makes them a vital asset in any party composition.


Embark on precision strikes from a distance with the Archer vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The Archer vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a master of long-range warfare, wielding a bow and arrow with unparalleled skill. From strategic vantage points, they rain down precise attacks on enemies, targeting even those in elevated positions with deadly accuracy. Beyond their prowess in dealing damage from afar, Archers play a crucial role in supporting the frontline by exploiting enemy weaknesses.

By creating openings for their allies to capitalize on, they prove to be invaluable assets in any party, blending sharpshooting finesse with strategic acumen to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

dragons dogma 2 mobile archer


Dragon's Dogma 2 mobile thief

Master of Speed, Precision, and Opportunistic Strikes.

Thief emerges as a nimble and deadly combatant, unleashing rapid and relentless dagger strikes with unparalleled speed. Their exceptional agility allows them to swiftly dart in and out of combat, delivering consecutive blows with precision while maintaining remarkable mobility on the battlefield. By adeptly exploiting openings in their foes’ defenses, Thieves can latch onto enemies, dealing devastating damage and turning the tide of battle in their favor.

Furthermore, their cunning extends beyond combat as they possess the ability to pilfer items from both NPCs and enemies, adding a touch of stealth and resourcefulness to their already formidable skill set.


Wielding a staff, the Mage in Dragon’s Dogma 2 serves as a versatile support class, providing a range of benefits to their party members. From unleashing potent magick attacks to enhancing allies’ weapons with enchantments and even casting healing spells, Mages play a pivotal role in bolstering the party’s capabilities.

The intricacy of their magick abilities is reflected in the incantation time, where more advanced spells require longer casting durations. As a Mage, players can immerse themselves in the strategic thrill of skillfully executing their magickal powers to turn the tides of battle in their favo

dragons dogma 2 mobile mage


dragons dogma 2 mobile warrior

Masters of Two-Handed Weapons for Devastating Strikes.

The Warrior class stands as a formidable force on the battlefield, equipped with a robust physique that excels in facing enemies head-on. Specializing in direct combat, Warriors showcase unparalleled strength to withstand enemy counterattacks. Armed with mighty two-handed weapons like the greatsword and hammer, Warriors unleash devastating strikes after charging power and identifying openings, delivering some of the most powerful attacks across all vocations.

Their prowess lies not only in their sheer might but also in their ability to control the flow of battle through strategic timing and precision strikes, making them a force to be reckoned with in any encounter


Harnessing Magickal Power for Battle-Altering Effects.

The Sorcerer in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a vocation wholly dedicated to unleashing a diverse array of magick attacks. Channeling their spells through a grand staff with both hands, Sorcerers wield immense power capable of shifting the course of any battle in an instant. However, the potency of their magick comes at a price – longer casting times.

To maximize their impact, Sorcerers must strategically position themselves in safe havens, biding their time to unleash spells at precisely the right moment. This tactical approach adds a layer of depth to gameplay as players must balance power with patience, ensuring that each magickal incantation is timed for maximum effect on the battlefield.

dragons dogma 2 mobile sorcerer


dragons dogma 2 mobile magic archer

Versatile Combat and Support Abilities.

Magick Archers not only excel in offensive capabilities but also possess adept supportive skills, making them valuable assets to any party. In addition to their prowess in attacking and healing, they can unleash a unique skill that delivers a devastating area attack, albeit at the cost of reducing their own maximum HP.

This blend of offensive power, healing proficiency, and strategic support sets Magick Archers apart as versatile combatants capable of turning the tide of battle with their magickal prowess.


The Mystic Spearhand in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an exclusive vocation reserved for the Arisen, blending the finesse of melee combat with the power of magick to create a versatile and well-balanced class effective at any range. Armed with the unique Duospear, they exhibit mastery over this weapon, enabling them to unleash a combination of physical and magickal attacks.

Through their magickal abilities, Mystic Spearhands can immobilize foes by paralyzing them or manipulate the environment by hurling multiple objects at enemies, showcasing their prowess in both offensive and strategic combat maneuvers

dragons dogma 2 mobile MYSTIC SPEARHAND


dragons dogma 2 mobile trickster

Trickster stands as a vocation reserved solely for the Arisen, wielding the enigmatic Censer to weave illusions through smoke. This mystical art allows Tricksters to ensnare foes in deception, compelling enemies to turn against their own ranks. Furthermore, their talents extend to enhancing the prowess of Pawns beyond conventional boundaries, granting temporary boosts that elevate their combat capabilities to extraordinary levels.

With a blend of illusion-crafting and supportive enchantments, Tricksters bring a unique and strategic dimension to battles, where cunning tactics and misdirection reign supreme in shaping the outcome of conflicts.


Introducing the Warfarer, a fresh vocation exclusive to the Arisen, renowned for their mastery of all weapons and the ability to glean skills from various vocations.

With a versatile arsenal at their disposal, Warfarers adeptly adapt to any scenario, seamlessly blending techniques from different vocations to craft innovative combos that transcend traditional boundaries. Despite starting with lower base stats, the Warfarer’s strength lies in leveraging the unique advantages of diverse weapon types, enabling them to rival specialized vocations by capitalizing on situational strengths and strategic versatility.

Embrace the challenge of the Warfarer’s dynamic playstyle, where adaptability and skillful weapon switching pave the way to victory in the ever-evolving battles of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

dragons dogma 2 mobile warfarer