Unveiling a World of Intricate Detail and Immersion

Dive into a richly detailed fantasy realm where characters, monsters, and environments come to life through immersive physics, advanced AI, and cutting-edge graphics. Experience a truly immersive journey as your tale unfolds in this captivating fantasy world.



Vermund, kingdom of humanity.

Vermund stands as a realm of humanity, where the Arisen holds sway as the reigning monarch. Serving as the protagonist’s initial exploration, this kingdom is nestled upon verdant landscapes, with the king and nobility ensconced within the fortified city at its heart. The bustling town, home to the common folk, sprawls in the shadow of the grand castle. Presently, Queen Regent Disa backs a counterfeit Arisen, adding a layer of intrigue to the political landscape. Within Vermund’s borders, a tapestry of conspiracies weaves its way through the corridors of power, as factions vie for control of the throne in a realm ripe with ambition and deception.

Sacred Arbor, Home of the Elves

Within the diverse tapestry of inhabitants in this world, alongside humans and beastren, dwell the enigmatic elves. Preferring solitude and seclusion, these beings call the remote village of the Sacred Arbor their home. Speaking a unique language that sets them apart, communication with elves proves challenging for other races.

However, intriguingly, certain Pawns possess the rare ability to comprehend Elvish, bridging the gap and facilitating interactions with this elusive race. The presence of elves adds a layer of mystery and cultural richness to the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, offering opportunities for unique encounters and deepening the tapestry of its fantastical lore.


Battahl, nation of beastren

Nestled within Battahl, a nation defined by its distinctive beastren culture, ancient ruins linger within the steep canyons, where cities have emerged amidst the rugged terrain. The customs and beliefs of Battahlians have flourished under the influence of their unforgiving natural surroundings, setting them apart from the traditions of Vermund. In this realm, Pawns are perceived as harbingers of misfortune, diverging from the typical reverence bestowed upon the Arisen. Instead, the populace venerates the Lambent Flame, guided by Empress Nadinia, as a beacon of protection against impending calamity, shaping a society where faith and resilience intertwine amidst the challenges of their environment.