Devoted Companions: Pawns, Loyal Allies to the Arisen.

In the realm of Dragon’s Dogma 2, players will find steadfast companions in the form of Pawns, dedicated to serving the Arisen on their quest. As the player takes control of the Arisen, they have the opportunity to lead a party comprising their customized main Pawn alongside up to two additional Pawns.

These companions, whether human or beastren, will faithfully follow the Arisen, offering support, guidance, and camaraderie throughout their shared journey. By customizing their main Pawn and forming covenants with Pawns from other players via the network, adventurers can forge powerful alliances and embark on adventures enriched by the diverse skills and personalities of their loyal companions.

As time unfolds in your journey, your Pawn evolves into a trusted companion, enriched by the experiences shared adventuring alongside you and other players. This growth is not merely superficial but deeply ingrained, shaping their behavior and responses based on the lessons learned. By immersing themselves in diverse adventures, Pawns develop a dynamic skill set and adaptability that mirrors the varied paths they tread. Embracing a team of diverse Pawns opens up a tapestry of gameplay possibilities, each offering unique strategies and insights.

This blend of individual growth and communal interaction infuses a multiplayer spirit into your solitary odyssey, fostering a sense of shared exploration and camaraderie within the single-player realm of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Pawn Specializations

Specializations in Pawns introduce a fresh and distinctive element to Dragon’s Dogma 2. Among these specializations is the unique ability to translate Elvish, showcasing the depth of customization and utility Pawns offer.

When a Pawn proficient in Elvish accompanies the player, they seamlessly interpret this language, enriching the gameplay experience. Beyond linguistic skills, various other specializations exist, each contributing to a Pawn’s individuality and enhancing their role in the party.

These diverse specializations not only add depth to Pawns’ personalities but also broaden the spectrum of interactions and capabilities within the game world.


Mysterious malady known as Dragonsplague spreads contagiously among Pawns as they journey between worlds. Contrary to typical illnesses, those affected by Dragonsplague are rumored to exhibit exceptional prowess, showcasing heightened performance and a newfound boldness in their demeanor and interactions.

Legends whisper of dire consequences when Dragonsplague progresses to its final stages, foretelling catastrophic outcomes. However, the truth behind these ominous tales remains veiled in uncertainty, adding an air of intrigue and suspense to the lore surrounding this enigmatic condition.


The Arisen, your character

Within the character creator of Dragon’s Dogma 2, players are empowered to shape not only their Arisen, the central protagonist, but also their Main Pawn. Leveraging cutting-edge photogrammetry technology, the game delivers a stunning level of realism, allowing for the creation of characters with lifelike features and intricate details.

Whether delving into meticulous customization or opting for a streamlined approach, players can seamlessly navigate a selection of images to craft their desired characters with ease and intuition. This blend of advanced technology and user-friendly design ensures that every player can bring their envisioned heroes to life in the fantastical world of Dragon’s Dogma 2.


Journey in an immersive world


In the vibrant world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, a tapestry of diverse individuals – from travelers and merchants to soldiers and villagers – navigate their daily routines, each driven by their unique objectives and emotions. Amidst their bustling lives, these denizens may intersect with your path, offering quests or seeking assistance, adding layers of depth and unpredictability to your journey. Should a knowledgeable Pawn accompany you, they stand ready to provide guidance, steering you towards your quest objectives with insight and expertise.

Beyond the main storyline, a plethora of quests await discovery through interactions with the world’s inhabitants, fostering deeper connections and narrative richness. The freedom lies in your hands as a player – choose to embark on quests, heed the counsel of your Pawns, or forge your own path through this immersive realm, where every decision shapes the course of your epic adventure.

Day and Night in the Realm

In the dynamic world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, time flows seamlessly, transitioning from the brilliance of day to the enveloping darkness of night. As twilight descends, a veil of deep shadows blankets the land, presenting a formidable challenge without a guiding light to pierce the obscurity. Preparedness becomes paramount as you navigate the perils concealed within the nocturnal realm, requiring vigilance and foresight to overcome the obstacles that lurk in the shadows.Amidst the darkness, the discovery of a campsite offers respite and opportunity.

Choosing to rest for the night not only alleviates fatigue but also provides a chance to engage in meaningful conversations with your companions, fostering camaraderie and strengthening bonds that transcend the trials of the day. Embrace the ebb and flow of day and night in this immersive world, where each cycle brings new challenges and moments of connection, shaping your journey in profound ways.

Journeying Aboard Oxcarts

In the vast expanse of Dragon’s Dogma 2, oxcarts serve as vital conduits shuttling travelers between pivotal locales like bustling towns, strategic border checkpoints, and quaint villages. Embracing the convenience of these oxcarts, adventurers have the opportunity to expedite their travels by catching a ride and relaxing during the journey.

By surrendering to a moment of repose while aboard an oxcart, one can swiftly traverse the distances separating them from their intended destination, allowing for efficient and seamless travel across the diverse landscapes of this immersive world.