How To Unlock the Warrior and Sorcerer in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Welcome to the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Guide on How To Unlock Warrior and Sorcerer Advanced Vocations.

To unlock and access the Advanced Vocations of Sorcerer and Warrior at the Vocation Guild in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you must complete specific quests. Early in the game, two quests are necessary to gain entry to these vocation choices.

Those quests are as follows:

  • In Dragon’s Wake
  • Vocation Frustration – Obtain an Archistaff and Greatsword

Unlocking Advanced Vocations for Sorcerer and Warrior

Now we are going to show you step-by-step how to unlock the Sorcerer and Warrior vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

In Dragon’s Wake

The initial quest to fulfill is In Dragon’s Wake, situated in the quaint town of Melve. Upon your first visit, the Arisen will experience a dream and awaken to guards searching for them. Gregor will request your company on a journey to the capital, Vernworth. When prepared, accept Gregor’s invitation to depart from the gates of Melve.

Dragon’s Wake

Commencing this quest will grant you passage through the previously closed gates. Your task is to accompany Gregor along the roads until you confront a cyclops. Upon vanquishing this formidable foe, you will acquire the Missive to the Captain, allowing you an audience with the captain in Vernworth. In the event of Gregor’s demise, an alternative approach is to access the town from its rear to progress the quest.

Opting for the Ox Cart will significantly expedite your progress in this quest. While aboard the cart, you can utilize the time effectively and even face potential ambushes. Upon reaching the capital, you will engage in a conversation with Brant automatically, marking the conclusion of the In Dragon’s Wake quest. With this quest finished, you can now proceed to undertake the second quest required to unlock Advanced Vocations.

Vocation Frustration Quest

The subsequent quest essential for unlocking the Sorcerer and Warrior in DD2 is named Vocation Frustration.

Successfully finishing the Vocation Frustration quest will grant access to the Sorcerer and Warrior Vocations for both the Arisen and Pawns. This quest commences with Klaus at the Vernworth Vocation Guild and mandates the Arisen to acquire an Archistaff and Greatsword.

Vocation Frustration

This quest can be started immediately after speaking with Brant.  Travel to the Vocation Guild noted on the map below to find Brant in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Klaus will task you with retrieving an Archistaff and Greatsword from Trevo Mine, located to the west of the capital. Inside the substantial cave, you will find chests at the end in distinct rooms holding the Archistaff and Greatsword. This quest is considered to be of lower difficulty, as you will only face basic goblins within the cave.

Upon entering the cave, eliminate the goblins and secure the weapons positioned towards the cave’s conclusion. The Greatsword can be found near a central room on the path to the rear chamber, while the Archistaff is situated in a smaller tunnel at the cave’s rear. Subsequently, after obtaining both items, return to the Vocation Guild in Vernworth.

Upon delivering these items to Klaus, you will finalize the Vocation Frustration quest and gain access to the Sorcerer and Warrior Advanced Vocation Classes. Subsequently, you will have the liberty to interchange between the Sorcerer and Warrior Vocations at will for both the Arisen and your pawns.

We trust that the guide on How to Unlock the Sorcerer and Warrior Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 proved beneficial.

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