How To Unlock the Trickster in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Welcome to the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Guide on How To Unlock The Trickster Hybrid Vocation.

The Trickster Vocation becomes available quite early in the storyline. It can be acquired by completing the initial quest, In Dragon’s Wake, at the start of the game. While the Trickster is typically obtained by progressing through the main story quest in Flickering Shadows, it is possible to reach the Trickster Maister earlier and unlock it.

Unlocking Trickster Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Unlocking Trickster Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Now we are going to show you step-by-step how to unlock the Trickster Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to Find Trickster Vocation Maister

Encounter the Trickster Vocation in the southern territories of Battahl on the map. The Trickster Maister can be found along the path of the Main Quest line in the Flickering Shadows series. When directed to this area as part of the quest, your objective will be to converse with Luz, the Trickster Maister, who will promptly unlock the Trickster Vocation upon interaction. However, it is possible to expedite this process if desired.

How to Find Trickster Vocation Maister

Take an Ox heart from the West Gate of Vermund to the Checkpoint Rest Town.

Sneaking Past Checkpoint Rest Town

To reach Maister Luz directly from the capital city Vermund, you must navigate past the Checkpoint Rest Town. Here are the available options:

  1. Completing quests in Vermund will eventually provide papers that can be presented to the guards for unrestricted passage (Requires completion of Main Story Questing).
  2. Taking a longer and perilous route around the Gate through a hidden western pass teeming with challenging enemies (Not recommended for early-game due to difficulty and lengthy travel).
  3. Sneaking through the gate (Requires a Ferrystone for return passage).
  4. Sneaking Through the Gate:
    • This unique achievement involves sneaking through the gate by boarding a passing cart. The optimal strategy is to locate a covered cart entering town at night.
    • Look for a bench near the Ox Cart waiting sign at the front of town where you can wait until the Ox Cart leaves.
    • During nighttime, watch for carts approaching just outside town. After several nights, you may find one entering town without occupants.
    • Follow this cart up to the gates and board it before it passes through, allowing you to slip through undetected.

Remember, you will need a Ferrystone to return or brave the challenging western pass if attempting this at lower levels.

Quests in Vermund:
Engaging with Captain Brant can progress the main story quest and eventually grant you the border pass required at the Checkpoint. This method entails significant questing and progression through Act 1. While it is a more conventional approach, if your goal is to access Trickster early on, sneaking through the gate or taking the longer route are viable alternatives.

Beyond the Checkpoint Rest Town

After successfully navigating past the Checkpoint Rest Town, you are approximately a 10-minute run down the road from unlocking the Trickster Vocation. Stick to the road and head towards the East. Along this route, you will mainly encounter goblins, with a possibility of a Chimera crossing your path that can be circumvented if preferred. Continue following the road alongside the southbound river until you spot the Trickster’s Temple just to the East of it. To meet the Trickster Maister, Luz, ascend a ladder at the rear of the temple where she awaits atop.

Once you speak with Luz, you will have Unlocked the Trickster Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.  You will now be free to switch to the Trickster Vocation freely for your Arisen.

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