Sphinx Riddle Solutions and Location

The Sphinx in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an interactive creature that challenges players with riddles for rewards. Explore the solutions to the Sphinx’s riddles, its various rewards, locations where it can be found, weaknesses, loot drops, and effective strategies to defeat this enigmatic entity.

Sphinx Riddle Solutions

First Set of RiddlesSecond Set of Riddles
Riddle of EyesRiddle of Reunion
Riddle of MadnessRiddle of Recollection
Riddle of WisdomRiddle of Contest
Riddle of ConvictionRiddle of Futility
Riddle of RuminationRiddle of Differentiation

Riddle of Eyes

Our eyes are our allies, yet oft do they betray, for eyes tell lies, so I advise, and thence do lead astray.
Yet how will your eyes advise you? Venture through yonder door, and retrieve that which is of greatest value.
Submit the Sealing Phial found at a chest on top of the doorway the Sphinx just opened

How to Get the Sealing Phial

1Enter the now opened doorway that the Sphinx has opened for the riddle.
2As you enter the doorway, look on top of the doorway and you’ll see a chest containing the Sealing Phial. Climb the debris to get to the chest and loot its content.Note: You don’t have to explore the whole cave.

Riddle of Madness

Love is as twin to madness, they say. They are bound fast, as night is to day.
So bring forth your most beloved to me, that I might gauge the depth of your insanity.
Bring a Pawn to the Sphinx or bring an NPC whom you have the most affinity with to the Sphinx

Riddle of Wisdom

The parent knows the child, yet the reverse is far from true. The child knows not the parent: such is the parent’s due.
I am a lost child; for kinship do I yearn. So bring to me my “Parent,” that I might better learn.
Bring a Pawn named SphinxFather / SphinxMother / SphinxParent to the Sphinx
Reward:1200 Rift Crystals

Where to Get a Pawn with a Unique Moniker

You can get Pawns with unique monikers made by CAPCOM from the Riftstone of Fellowship. You’ll have to find a Pawn named either SphinxParent, SphinxFather, or SphinxMother and bring them to the Sphinx to solve the riddle.

Moniker Meaning and Difference from Name

Riddle of Conviction

Life is an enigma—a lender of mortal debt. Yet lighter pack makes fleeter foot and challenge nimbly met.
So grant to me what you most prize, and thence elude your ponderous demise.
Submit any Item
Reward:Whichever Item you Submitted

Riddle of Rumination

It’s ever the first we keep fond in our breast, and ever the first that eclipses the rest.
You know of the Seeker’s Tokens, I trust? those keepsakes of a fondly remembered journey?
Yet where was it that you found your first? Retrace your steps, if you can—you might make a new discovery.
Seven days, shall we say, ere you return? May your journey be a pleasant one.
Submit a Finder’s Token which you can find at the location of the first Seeker Token you found
Reward:x3 Ferrystone

Riddle of Reunion

And so the time has come for me to fly. If you are not yet satisfied, seek me at my new abode.
But for now, I bid you farewell, dogged adventurer.
Go to the Frontier Shrine where the Sphinx is currently at after attempting all ridles in the Mountain Shrine.
Reward:100,000 Gold

Riddle of Recollection (Statue Riddle)

Now, questions beget questions, and I have one for you: How many riddles have you solved thus far?
My memory failes me, you see. Remind me, and make it plain.
Let yonder statues be your means. For every question aplty answered, bring one here before me.
The statues correspond to how many riddles you’ve solved since the first set from the first location up to this point. Bring the correct amount of statues to the Sphinx.
Reward:Unmaking Arrow

Riddle of Contest

Though ours is a battle of wits, tests of mettle are more to your strength. Is that not so?
Come, try your arm—though he shall be your opponent, not I.
However, I am not one to be amused by a simple duel.
Bear this ring into battle, that I might gauge your true strength.
Stagger your opponent to carry him and throw him off the cliff
Reward:Ring of Ambition

Riddle of Futility

How easily the mind unravels! Some say it’s pain that does it best, others darkness—but I say neither.
Rather, I say a mind cannot be more soundly broken than when it beholds its earnest efforts laid low in a single stroke.
Could you survive such despair? We shall see.
Here I have an amphora destined for Ser Maurits in Battahl. Deliver it to him, but beware; it’s rather fragile.
I do hope your struggle will amuse.
Carry the amphora to Ser Maurits by foot.You can also leave the amphora and go to Ser Maurits, carry him, and use a Ferrystone to travel to the nearest Portcrystal from the Sphinx and bring him there. You can then carry the amphora to him safely.
Reward:Eternal Bond

Riddle of Differentiation

So vast is this world, and full of life; you are but one of many.
Indeed, in the grand scheme, we are as distinct from one another as pebbles on a beach—yet we do so love to extol our differences.
But are these differences so great? If you believe so, this next task should prove exceedingly simple.
I seek this man. If men are so distinct, I’m sure you’ll find him in a trice.
Bring an NPC that looks exactly like the Sphinx showed you.
Reward:Whimsical Daydream

How to Solve the Riddle of Differentiation

1Go to the Main Menu and select the History menu.
2From the NPC Logbook, find an NPC that looks exactly like the one the Sphinx showed you. You can see his or her name and where he or she is located.
3Travel to the location of the NPC and carry him or her to the Sphinx. You can use a Ferrystone while carrying the NPC to travel faster.

Sphinx Locations

Mountain Shrine

Map ViewOverworld View

The Sphinx’s can be found in the Mountain Shrine and this serves as the Sphinx’s first location.

Sphinx Riddle Rewards

All Riddle Rewards

Chest #1Wakestone
Chest #2Portcrystal
Chest #31200 Rift Crystals
Chest #4The same item you submitted
Chest #5x3 Ferrystone
Chest #6100000 Gold
Chest #7Unmaking Arrow
Chest #8Ring of Ambition
Chest #9Eternal Bond
Chest #10Whimsical Daydream
Chest #11
(After Beating the Sphinx)
Eternal Wakestone

To open Chest #11, which is the biggest chest in the group, you’ll have to beat the Sphinx to get the Key of Sagacity as it’s the key to unlock that chest.

Sphinx Weakness and Drops

Sphinx Weakness

Weak PointElemental Weakness

Sphinx Item Drops

Item Drops
Key of Sagacity10000 Gold

How to Beat Sphinx

Note:Attacking the Sphinx while you haven’t solved all of the riddles will lock you out from completing them.

Use the Unmaking Arrow

Using the Unmaking Arrow will easily one-shot the Sphinx and will earn you XP, Gold, and its drops. The Sphinx leaves the area after sometime during the fight, which makes it impossible to pursue it once it files off if you haven’t finished it off yet.

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