How to Beat Cyclops: Weaknesses, Drops, and Locations

The Cyclops, a formidable creature in Dragon’s Dogma 2 (DD2), presents a challenge to players. Discover effective strategies for defeating the Cyclops, understand its vulnerabilities and loot drops, and explore the diverse locations where this imposing foe can be encountered.

Cyclops Weakness

Weak PointElemental Weakness

Cyclops Item Drops

Item Drops
Misshapen Eye
Misshapen Eye
Rugged Bone
Rugged Bone

How to Beat Cyclops

To safely inflict damage as a melee combatant, target the Cyclops’ legs from behind. It is crucial to have defensive measures in place or the ability to evade its powerful attacks, as they can cause significant damage.

Aim for the Head for Long Range Attacks

As a long range class such as the Archer or the Mage, focus your attacks on its head rather than behind the legs to deal the most amounts of damage.

Topple the Cyclops

Persist in your assault or grappling of the Cyclops until you notice it losing balance, then seize the opportunity to topple it. This maneuver allows you to access its head and inflict damage securely without being subjected to counterattacks.

Grab Its Legs When It’s Losing Its Balance

Once the Cyclops starts to lose its balance, grab ahold of its legs and try pulling or pushing them to make the Cyclops fall down on all fours.

Grab the Arms After Losing Balance

When the Cyclops assumes a quadrupedal stance, manipulate its arms by pulling or pushing them to force it into a prone position. This action grants you a significant window to unleash a barrage of attacks on its vulnerable spot without the risk of retaliation from the Cyclops.

Focus on the Head Once It’s Down

Once the Cyclops is knocked off its balance, melee fighters should focus their attacks on the head as it’s the Cyclops’ weak spot. You’ll deal more damage on that area than on other body parts.

Use the Torrent from the Waterfall to Deal Damage

In the quest “In Dragon’s Wake,” the Cyclops encountered can sustain substantial damage from the waterfall’s torrent. You can trigger the torrent by waiting for a brief period or by dislodging a rock to release the pent-up water from the blockade.

Cyclops Locations

East of Gathering of Beasts

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Max Zoom Out Cyclops Map ImageEnlarged Cyclops Map Image

The first Cyclops you’ll encounter is found at the East of Gathering of Beasts during the quest, In Dragon’s Wake.

Southeast of Gathering of Beasts

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Another Cyclops can be encountered on the road southeast of Gathering of Beasts. You can encounter this when traveling via an Oxcart from Vernworth to Melve or vice versa.

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