Best Armor Dragons Dogma 2 and All Armor List

Best Armor and All Armor List

Armor in Dragon’s Dogma 2 (DD2) offers defense and resistance against elements and debilitation. Discover the best armor in Dragon’s Dogma 2, explore the available armor for each class, understand how armors function in the game, and delve deeper into the armor system.

Best Early Armor

Marcher’s Set

ArmorDefense / Magick DefenseWeightVocations
Expeditioner’s Cloak0 / 00.76All
Marcher’s Armor7 / 31.30All
Marcher’s Cuisses4 / 21.05All
Marcher’s Helm4 / 20.55All

The Marcher’s Set proves to be a valuable armor ensemble for the early stages of the game, requiring no gold expenditure. By locating all three components and an Expeditioner’s Cloak within a chest at Vernworth Castle, you can effectively conserve gold while ensuring solid defense.

Borderwatch Outpost Armor

ArmorDefense / Magick DefenseWeightVocations
Beseecher’s Hood4 / 50.24 Mage Sorcerer
Brigand’s Vest14 / 81.80 Thief Archer
Chain Mail24 / 103.34 Fighter Thief Archer Warrior
Dyed-Cloth Mask5 / 30.47 Thief
Explorer’s Boots5 / 31.22All
Felt Cap5 / 40.50 Archer
Foot Soldier Armor16 / 72.93 Fighter Warrior
Missionary’s Robe12 / 151.87 Mage Sorcerer
Pilgrim’s Tights5 / 90.67 Mage Sorcerer
Sentry’s Coif8 / 31.04 Fighter Warrior
Wanderer’s Hood2 / 10.91All
Woodland Boots8 / 51.20 Thief Archer
Worker’s Greaves11 / 141.45 Fighter Warrior

While acquiring the Marcher’s Set at minimal cost is advantageous, it is advisable to explore the armor options available at the Borderwatch Outpost for enhanced defense. Investing in armor from this outpost can significantly bolster your survivability during the early stages of the game.

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