Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pawn Guide – What are Pawns in DD2

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Pawns play a crucial role as loyal companions sworn to serve the Arisen, the player character. These characters are distinguished by a scar on their hand, mirroring the scar borne by the Arisen on their chest. Pawns are integral to the gameplay experience, offering support, combat assistance, and strategic insights throughout your journey.

Origin of Pawns

Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma 2 hail from a mystical realm known as the Rift, accessible to the Arisen through Rift Stones scattered across the game world. These ethereal companions are essential allies on your journey, offering diverse skills and support.

Recruitment Process

Upon entering the Rift, players can enlist additional Pawns to join their party, complementing their main Pawn. While the main Pawn remains a constant companion, the other two can be freely recruited and swapped based on their skills and suitability for upcoming challenges.

Role of Pawns

Pawns serve as loyal companions, aiding the Arisen in combat and exploration. They possess individual skills and knowledge, contributing to the party’s success. Pawns actively engage with the environment, potentially uncovering valuable items or providing insights based on their expertise.

Skills and Personalities

Each Pawn boasts a unique set of skills aligned with their chosen Vocation. Players can select Vocations for their main Pawn during creation, influencing their capabilities. Additionally, Pawns exhibit distinct Inclinations that shape their behavior and responses to the Arisen’s decisions.


Pawns can specialize in various areas, enhancing their effectiveness in specific tasks. For instance, specialized Pawns may excel at translating languages or mastering certain combat techniques. Understanding your Pawns’ specializations can optimize their contributions to your adventures.

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