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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Mystic Spearhand Guide

The Mystic Spearhand Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 emerges as a dynamic hybrid class blending physical melee prowess with versatile magick utility skills. Serving as the successor to the beloved Mystic Knight from the previous installment, the Mystic Spearhand embodies a more agile combat style reminiscent of a ‘jedi knight,’ wielding a duospear for damage dealing while leveraging magick abilities to enhance mobility and create strategic openings in battle.

Employing magick bolts to flinch and ensnare targets, the Mystic Spearhand showcases a unique teleportation ability for swift follow-up attacks. Defensive maneuvers like Mirour Vesture provide a brief window of invulnerability for the Mystic Spearhand and nearby allies, offering a tactical advantage in combat. Unlike traditional blocking techniques, this vocation relies on evasive maneuvers and dashing to evade incoming attacks while maintaining an aggressive offensive stance through ranged magickal assaults.

With a focus on strength, stamina, and defense growth, the Mystic Spearhand excels in delivering sustained pressure and speed in engagements. While not designed for absorbing heavy damage like Fighters or Warriors, this vocation thrives on evasive tactics and continuous high-speed assaults. The ability to swiftly transition between targets, manipulate objects, and control the battlefield evokes a dynamic “force user” playstyle, demanding strategic planning and quick reflexes to effectively counter threats and maintain a relentless offensive presence.

Here is a list of Pros and Cons of the Mystic Spearhand Vocation Class in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Hybrid Physical Melee Combat with Magick UtilityNo Standard Block or Active Dodge
High Maneuverability Engaging Larger TargetsNo Ranged Damage Attacks
Powerful Controlling Tools for Smaller GroupsVulnerable to Magick Attacks
Healthy Stat Growth for Health and Stamina

Below are all of the Mystic Spearhand Vocation Class Skills, Core Skills, and Augments in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Mystic Spearhand Skills

Now we are going to take a look at all of the Skills for the Mystic Spearhand Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragoun’s Stabbe?<No Information Yet>
Seching Blade?<No Information Yet>
Humble Offringe?Levitates nearby objects and hurls them at the closest hostile target. Can also lift and hurl smaller hostile targets that are flinching.
Thef’s Hond?Saps the target’s vitality and grants it to the user in the form of Stamina. Cannot be employed against targets that lack a corporeal form.
Mirour Vesture?Erects a magickal barrier around the user and any allies within range. Each barrier only lasts for a very short span of time, but nullifies all manner of attacks for the duration.
Skiedragoun’s Fangtooth?Darts swiftly into the air before plunging down at high speed. Inflicts greater harm when evading a target’s attack.
Unto Skie?Launches smaller targets great distances, forcibly removing them from battle. Launched targets grant no experience and drop no items. Larger targets are not launched, but struck with a solid blow.
Magike Sperepelote?<No Information Yet>
Dragoun’s Foin?An advanced form of Dragoun’s Stabbe that allows the user to travel farther and causes the forceful jab to inflict magick damage as well.
Seching Storm?An advanced form of Seching Blade that conjures a greater number of blades at a decreased cost to Stamina.
Devout Offringe?An advanced form of Humble Offringe that has an extended range, allowing targets to be lifted from further away.
Ravinour’s Hond?An advanced form of Thef’s Hond that hastens Stamina recovery.
Wild Furie?Maister’s Teaching: creates a double out of magick, dealing both magick and physical damage

Mystic Spearhand Vocation Core Skills – Dragon’s Dogma 2

Now we are going to take a look at all of the Core Skills for the Mystic Spearhand Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Twein Cut0<light attack>
Magike Cut0<heavy attack>
Redouted Bolt0<vocation action> Fires a magickal burst that deals no damage but causes targets to flinch. Can be employed while moving.
Forbeding Bolt?Alters the effect of Redouted Bolt so that it instead prevents the target’s movement. Charging up magick before unleashing extends the effect. Can charge magick while performing other actions.
Scatering Bolt?Disperses Forbeding Bolt after it has been unleashed, ensnaring hostile targets in the vicinity and preventing them from moving. Targets struck directly are restrained for longer.
Quik Fot?Allows the user to instantly approach a target that was struck by Forbeding Bolt or Scatering Bolt.
Ferrene Bolt?Extends the effective range of Redouted Bolt.
Winding Cut?Spins the duospear forward, whirling and slashing through targets without pause. Repeatedly pressing the activation button spins the duospear faster. Can be activated while walking.

Mystic Spearhand Vocation Augments

Now we are going to take a look at all of the Augments for the Mystic Spearhand Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Conveyance?Hastens movement speed while carrying or lifting.
Opulence? Increases gold obtained when acquiring gold pouches.
Polarity?<No Information Yet>
Refulgence?<No Information Yet>
Athleticism?<No Information Yet>

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